Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cutting the Digital Ribbon

After a long few months of creating an extremely "true-to-author" layout, I am so happy to finally write my first real post for A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!

I've spent the last 3 days finalizing the layout and getting it to a happy place (although I am never happy, so it will probably continue to evolve over time) because I have been glued to the couch with Wisdom Teeth Recovery.

What does that entail exactly? Not much, something which I am never fond of. I've been guilty of falling asleep sitting up, drooling uncontrollably, and adapting to a mush diet of mashed potatoes, jello, ice cream, and pudding. I'm happy to get back to work tomorrow and try to resume some sort of normalcy.

For the conclusion of my first post I guess I will outline what I expect to blog about as I go through the motions of my daily adventures:
Kitty Helping with Hemp Bracelets
  • Anything zombie - you will soon learn this is my topic of choice above most things
  • Anything tech/nerd/geek - I am not ashamed and I do get excited over things like new Google Doodles
  • My cat - he's more personable than many people I know in life
  • Health - my adventures into a new healthy lifestyle, one small step at a time
  • Art - anything creative that catches my eye, mostly StumbleUpon findings
Please bookmark my blog to aid in your future boredom. As I grow so will my content! Feel free to find additional quirks and tales on my Twitter over in the sidebar and follow me (@icanhazjill)

Socially yours,

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